Employee Benefits

Benefits and Insurance

Managing benefits and insurance for a small business is a big job best left to human resources professionals. Most small businesses, however, lack a human resources department. Rather than plunging ahead without the right background or experience, consider outsourcing these services to professionals.

Working with Expert Payroll LLC may give your small business access to better options when it comes to benefits and insurance. Small businesses, by very definition, lack the buying power of a large organization. We, on the other hand, can provide you with access to a range of benefits comparable to a larger business.

Employee Benefits Administration

Benefits packages can sometimes feel overwhelming to business owners and employees. Our team can assist both parties with our expertise in employee benefits administration.

As an employer, you may be unsure which benefits to offer prospective employees. We can help you determine what to offer to attract and retain the best candidates at a price you can afford.

We can also make sure that your business is in compliance with local, state, and federal laws such as the Affordable Care Act. We keep track of changes in regulations and how they affect your business.

Your employees may be unsure how to select a benefits package that meets their needs without paying for services they will never use. We have tools to help them choose the right benefits package for them and their families.

Retirement Plans

Most new employees expect a retirement plan as part of their benefits. In order to be a competitive employer, you need to offer an attractive retirement plan. We can help you evaluate retirement plan options and determine which best suits your business.

We can help you administer 401(k), 403(b), SIMPLE IRAs, and SEP IRAs. Speak with one of our experts to figure out which choice is right for you.

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance is a perk that many new employees expect as part of their compensation package. Small businesses may find it challenging to offer comprehensive health benefits simply due to their size. Your business may be able to provide better health insurance options by outsourcing benefits to us.

Expert Payroll LLC has a network of carriers that can provide health insurance benefits at various levels of coverage and price points. We will help you find a package that meets your employees’ needs at a competitive rate.

Our team can also manage the administrative side of group health insurance, including payroll deductions, enrollments, renewals, terminations, and changes due to life events.

Business Insurance

We can help you determine which types of business insurance policies your business needs. Expert Payroll LLC provides business owner’s policies, property and casualty insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial umbrella insurance policies, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Employers in California must carry workers’ compensation insurance if they have any employees. Failure to provide workers’ compensation insurance can cost business owners significant penalties.

Call our office to discuss which policies may benefit you and which you are required to have.

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